The Second Chance Shoe Shop by Marcie Steele – 4*s

Second Chance Shoe Shop


All Riley Flynn wants is to meet someone who makes her happy. But attracting the right kind of man is not easy, and with her heart still hurting from her last break-up, Riley believes she’ll never find love again.

A year ago, Sadie Stewart’s whole world was shattered when her husband, Ross, died. She has struggled to keep herself together for the sake of their young daughter, but with the anniversary of his death approaching, Sadie finds herself overwhelmed by grief.

Sadie and Riley work at Chandlers shoe shop, in the charming town of Hedworth. But when Chandlers is threatened with closure, the friends are confronted with the loss of not only their jobs, but also their support network – the glue that holds them together when they are close to breaking.

As they put together a plan to save their beloved shop, Sadie realises that she might just be learning to live again. Could it be that new beginnings are just round the corner? The campaign also finds Riley unexpectedly crossing paths with charming photographer, Ethan. Maybe her second chance at love is right under her feet …


My Review

I really enjoyed the last book by Marcie Steele (aka Mel Sherratt) and was looking forward to reading her next offering. When I saw this I loved the cover but did worry a little about the title as I’m not a shoe girl, and didn’t want a shoes and shopping story. For anyone thinking the same, don’t worry, it doesn’t fall into the Chick Lit cliches, it has a much wider and deeper remit. Yes, it features shoes, but in a way that even I can live with.

It’s the story of Riley and her colleagues Sadie and Dan, who all work together at Chandlers Shoe shop, the worry is, for how much longer. The owner, who is more interested in profit, rather than how to successfully market and stock the shop to achieve it, is threatening to close the shop if things don’t improve. As she refuses to listen to the experienced voice of Riley as shop manager, Riley takes matters into her own hands to put Chandlers on the map.

However, it’s not just a story about the shop and it’s success or failure, it’s about the lives and loves (or not) of the main characters. They are all like-able and because of that, you are easily drawn into their friendships and problems and wanting things to work out for the best in – all areas of their lives. I learnt far more than I ever thought I would about social media as a positive marketing tool #musttryharder! and conversely it was also a timely reminder about the dangerous and insidious way that social media can be used to bully and manipulate. Of course, the book also has a romantic thread to add to the chemistry.

If you like contemporary fiction which has fun and romance as well as a realistic dash of real life, then this book is for you. If you like shoes even better, but if you don’t it doesn’t matter, the story will engage you anyway.

I received a copy of this book via NetGalley in return for an honest review.


  1. Hallo, Hallo! 🙂

    Truly, the interesting bit for me is that whilst I was chattering about recent #MustReads in Rom during my Saturday chat #ChocLitSaturday, this particular title was broached! If you see this thread of the convo you’ll understand! 🙂 Imagine my delight in finding this review on your lovely blog whilst I was engaged on a discussion about Contemporary Rom over on BritFic?

    Loved finding out a bit more about this story but also, felt it was nifty how everything tied together on the very same day of first finding out of the title! I interview Bookouture authors on my blog this month if you’d like to drop by? Also, you marked this as ChocLit but it’s Bookouture’s release. 🙂 Speaking of ChocLitUK, this is how #ChocLitSaturday was inspired! You should join us if your on Twitter!? Or drop by my blog sometime and we can chat about the stories! I’m reading “The Scarlet Kimono” today by Christina Courtenay!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Jorie, thanks for dropping by. Sorry to cause confusion with the term Choc Lit, I appreciate this is a Bookouture title. I use Choc Lit as a genre guide for myself as I prefer it to the term Chick Lit. As I’m in my 50’s I haven’t been a chick for a long time. I am aware of Choc Lit as a publisher, so to avoid further confusion I’ll remove it. ☺

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      • You’re like me, then! And, I have the perfect solution for you! In your tags, put Choc Lit (genre) when your writing about a book you’d rather acknowledge as a different vein of thought from Chick Lit and use ChocLit (pub) when your reading a ChocLitUK novel! 🙂

        I feel *exactly!* like you do, in fact, I regularly blog about why I consider myself a *ChocLit girl* and not a Chick Lit girl! For me it’s also the difference in finding *relationship-based Rom* vs Rom that is only rooted in the lust/sex part of the relationship w/o any definite ending or conclusion.

        I’m a thirty-something and you rock for saying this as I oft wonder if anyone else felt the term (for genre) Choc Lit fit them!

        I simply misread your tags, as I thought you were only using: title, author, publisher rather than including the genre rather than the publisher!

        Definitely *keep your tag!* and style!! 🙂

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