Alison Ripley Cubitt – Q&A

From First Page to Last

Today I’m pleased to welcome Alison Ripley Cubitt to the blog. Alison is an author and screenwriter and her novels include Revolution Earth and Fractured which she co-wrote with Sean Cubitt as Lambert Nagle. Her new book, Castles in the Air is a memoir of her mother’s life and was published on 12 February 2016. Alison kindly answered a few of my questions.

1. Tell us a little about Castles in the Air.

Castles in the Air, my fourth book, is the story of my mother’s expat life in wartime Singapore and Ceylon, and then after the war and her challenging middle age. It is my mother’s life seen through my eyes. It’s about mothers and daughters, secrets, love and longing in an era when women couldn’t have it all.

2. Castles in the Air is a memoir. You also co-write fiction with Sean Cubitt (as Lambert Nagle) How did you…

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