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Shelley Wilson Author

It’s always lovely to meet an author and hear about their passion for writing and where they get their story ideas from. At a recent event, I had the pleasure of meeting author, David Videcette. He very graciously allowed me to corner him and extract all his writerly wisdom. Not one to miss an opportunity, I asked if David would like to pop over to my blog and tell everyone about his latest book and what the future holds. Over to David:

David Videcette card imageThe Fun Stuff:

Which part of the world do you come from?

I grew up in South London. (Officially pronounced ‘Sarf Lahndahn’).

My dad was a police officer and we lived in police accommodation, right in the middle of a huge council estate. All the other kids knew us as “coppers’ kids”, which made my early years very tough and eventful!

What did you want to be when…

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