Little Bones by Sam Blake – 4*s

Little Bones


Attending what seems to be a routine break-in, troubled Detective Garda Cathy Connolly makes a grisly discovery: an old wedding dress – and, concealed in its hem, a baby’s bones.

And then the dress’s original owner, Lavinia Grant, is found dead in a Dublin suburb.

Searching for answers, Cathy is drawn deep into a complex web of secrets and lies spun by three generations of women.

Meanwhile, a fugitive killer has already left two dead in execution style killings across the Atlantic – and now he’s in Dublin with old scores to settle. Will the team track him down before he kills again?

Struggling with her own secrets, Cathy doesn’t know dangerous – and personal – this case is about to become…

My Review

When Garda Cathy Connolly is called out to investigate a break in, the macabre discovery of tiny bones sewn into the hem of a wedding dress is only the beginning of a complex, multi faceted investigation that will keep you hooked.

With echoes of an earlier unresolved case involving infanticide, the Garda are determined to let nothing slip, but nobody could have imagined what they were faced with. This is an intriguing story that has you gripped from the start and introduces various threads which you know must be connected, but have no inkling as to how they fit together. When the break in and discovery of the bones is followed shortly after by a coincidental death, alarm bells start ringing. However the Garda are also investigating the capture of a US fugitive believed to be in Dublin, following his shooting of his father. Meanwhile in London the story of Mary, an elderly Irish lady with possible dementia is thrown into the mix, leaving you totally baffled as to where the plot is going. As it all gradually comes together, it is an ingenious story that all makes sense – in the end.

I really enjoyed this book, despite what appeared to be a dark start, it had a great cast of characters. I loved Cathy, she was feisty and no-nonsense, yet because of personal circumstances, a little bit more vulnerable than we might expect. Her relationship with O’Rourke, her boss, was a good one, that clearly has potential for hopefully future books, and also interestingly hinted at a dramatic back story that we know nothing off as this is the first book. That was a clever touch that gave an added depth to their relationship. The sub team she works with added a comic touch that also lightened the unfolding drama and I liked that. The assorted mix of guilty parties and innocent bystanders that made up the rest of the cast were well drawn and a credible mix of likeable and hateful which kept the interest going. There is nothing worse than a great storyline but characters that you are indifferent too, here we wanted to see the guilty get their just desserts and a happy outcome for the others. Whether that happens though would spoil the enjoyment if I revealed it here.

This is a great debut novel which cleverly combines police procedural with a family mystery to a dramatic climax and I can’t wait for the next instalment.

I received a free copy of this book via NetGalley in return for an honest review.Description


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