Time and Place – a forthcoming feature

I enjoy travelling and have been lucky enough to visit a fair bit of Western Europe as well as some much further flung places including, Cambodia, India, Kenya, Malaysia, Peru and Vietnam among others. I also love history, particularly social history  (just as well since it formed the basis of my degrees). Consequently I find I’m often drawn to books that are set in a place I’ve visited, or have a specific period setting. If they combine the two I’m doubly happy.

From this grew the idea of hosting a regular Q&A feature with authors whose books have a particular time and place setting. As well as getting the author to explain their choices and  motivations, I also thought it would be fun to have them reveal their own Time and Place interests.

In addition it gives me an excuse to reveal some of my own favourite and want to read books as a spin off feature. Thus  Time and Place was born, so sit back and let’s see where we travel to.

Coming Soon :-

17 Oct         Time and Place with … Simon Michael


    • Thanks Cleo, I’ve been thinking about doing it for a while but didn’t do anything with it. I then had an online conversation with Simon Michael recently and rekindled the idea. We’re pleased with it, so it will be interesting to see what the response is. Not long now! The header has been ready for a while but had mental block as to how to change it, I suspect we’ll have a few more matches now ☺

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