Happy Birthday to Jill’s Book Cafe (on Facebook)


As many of you will know I have several sites operating under the banner ‘Jill’s Book Cafe’.  As well as this blog, I also have a Twitter page and a Facebook page and they all offer different things. This blog is my  grown up face featuring reviews and book related articles and listings. My Twitter page is a hybrid that shares my and other blogger’s reviews and book related posts, as well as the odd political and social comment from me (as it is my only presence on Twitter).

However, today is the second birthday of my first venture into social media, namely my Facebook page.  The page started as a means of sharing, with family and friends, the (predominantly) Kindle e-book bargains I found for myself. This has now grown to having over 900 followers and I’m happy to now count many as friends. Through this site I have found a book twin, discovered a soulmate and have, hopefully, shared the book love and introduced readers to new authors and genres.

I know the subject of cheap e-book pricing is divisive and don’t intend to get drawn into that now, I’ve already offered my views here. I started by sharing quality reads that were on offer, the fact that a number of publishers now offer ebooks at a starting price of 99p has somewhat muddied the pricing water. My basic ethos however hasn’t changed. I post books that I would choose to read myself (as that is the only way I can judge them). I do not simply post anything that is cheap or free. I will also share my reviews and book posts from this blog, so that also offers a wider priced reading choice.  I love the interaction I have with other readers, which also includes a number of fellow bloggers and authors – we are all partial to a bargain.

So Happy Second Birthday to Jill’s Book Cafe and as it’s also my real birthday in the coming week I’m in the process of sorting a little (international) giveaway to celebrate. This will only appear on my Facebook page as a way of saying thanks to all the lovely readers who have joined me and regularly drop by and comment.


  1. I’ve been flirting with my Facebook page for a while now – never really sure what to put on it beyond linsk to my reviews. You’ve encouraged me now to give it more serious thought.

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    • My Facebook page was my first venture into social media and had quite a distinct purpose which is why I decided to create this blog for reviews. I quite like it, that all my ‘pages’ have a different audience and purpose, though of course there is an overlap and some people follow on all three, but it makes it a bit more interesting for me.


      • Thats something I need to get my head around really – what is the purpose of the channels I use. I also have Pinterest which is the one I’m least convinced about right now

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      • While I signed up to Instagram and Pinterest before I had my book pages, I don’t really use them. I don’t really see the value of them to what I do. No doubt others would suggest otherwise but I’ll stick to what I understand (or think I do).


      • I have a small payg mobile phone for emergencies only, although it is a smart phone, so I don’t get dragged into things involving phones. When I’m away from the PC I use a basic Kindle fire which does everything I need and meets all my social media needs – which are thankfully few and don’t dictate my life. Maybe it’s an age thing, but I think they should work for me, rather than the other way around.


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