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Five on Friday 2

Having had a few days off work I finally found the time to do something about an idea I’ve had for a while. It grew out of a conversation I had with an author about putting together a Q&A for them. I was looking to do something a little different. I didn’t want to re-visit the traditional questions about writing processes, favourite authors, favourite books etc. What I wanted was something that told me more about the author as a person. I wanted something that was personal (without being intrusive) and was also fun (without being trivial) and that also gave the option of being deeper or more serious depending on how the author wanted to approach the questions.

Having thought long and hard about questions, I realised that if I was clever (always a stumbling block!) I could come up with a format that could be rolled out as a series. So I settled on what I thought were suitable questions, but then had to send them out and gauge the responses. I’m pleased to say the responses have all been positive and as a result, my idea is now in the process of being put together into what at this stage is looking like a series of fortnightly posts.

Each author is asked the same series of 5 questions, but as I’ve already seen from the answers, they all produce different responses (thankfully) and really do let you know more about the person behind the name.

I initially sent out my questions to a small selection of authors to gauge both the response to the general idea and the questions. Also I wasn’t sure how regular the post would be (as it partly depended on how well received the idea was) and didn’t want to bombard people who might then be waiting months before the post appeared. So, to my initial group of authors who have kindly responded, thank you very much.

To the many authors who haven’t heard from me, don’t think you’re safe. I have a list of candidates that I will be working my way through in due course.

I am planning my first post to go live on 25th August – next Friday, and I hope you’ll drop by and find out a little bit more about the wonderful authors who at this stage include Patricia Dixon, Helen Pollard, Stephanie Butland, Gina Kirkham, David Evans, Juliet Greenwood, Eva Jordan and Kay Langdale.

See you on Friday!




  1. Oh, I can’t wait for this feature! I am nosy and I love knowing more about authors! I think there’s a lot to learn about a person beside their work and I’m sure your questions will be great. “To the many authors who haven’t heard from me, don’t think your safe.” I can hear authors refreshing their inbox!!! :p

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