2018 Annual Bloggers Bash Awards


It’s that time of year again when we all get to vote for our favourite bloggers. The difference for me this year, is that Jill’s Book Cafe has been nominated in The Most Inspirational Blogger category. I am immensely honoured and grateful to those who have nominated me and while it sounds quite trite, the nomination is really worth as much as the winning (well OK not quite). I am in amongst some great company but if anyone feels they could vote for me it would be much appreciated. As voting is very easy, why not take the time to vote for all the other amazing bloggers nominated in the other categories.

Vote now in the Annual Bloggers Bash Awards


  1. Wow Jill – that’s fantastic and richly deserved. My friend Angie who I introduced to your book cafe loves it and describes herself as completely addicted to it.

    I shall certainly be voting for you.

    Love Linda xxx


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