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Described as “the digital book service in your pocket” Bookchoice select eight e-books and audiobooks  for £3.99 a month. Yes, you read that correctly £3.99 a month (payable annually in advance). Every month the Bookchoice team selects a range of titles  – from bestsellers and award-winners to the latest literary hits and sends them direct to your email inbox.  Where books are offered in e-book and audiobook format, the offer isn’t for one or the other – it’s for both!! I subscribed in January and here are the titles for this month.

Titles in both e-book and audio-book format. 


Narcissism for BeginnersNarcissism for Beginners by Martine McDonagh

Every year Sonny Anderson celebrates his birthday in the same way, with the same lunch and the same film. But this year is different. It’s his twenty-first birthday. This year, Sonny receives an astonishing inheritance and with it the freedom to journey to the UK to track down his mother and discover his past.As he leaves his Californian home behind, Sonny goes in search of answers – but will the truth be one he wants to hear or will it leave him even more confused?

America Uber AllesAmerica Uber Alles by Jack Fearnley
What if America was based not on the Declaration of Independence but on the values of Mein Kampf? In this alternative-history action-thriller, time-travelling Nazis ally with George Washington to fight the War of Independence in 1776. 
But this military support comes at a price and the Nazis soon turn to creating a fascist United States of America, challenging every principle the Founding Fathers hold dear.
Love in the Elephant TentLove in the Elephant Tent by Kathleen Cremonesi
The first time Kathleen came face to face with an elephant, she noticed its incredible strength, its rough skin, and the beautiful man who seemed to be able to communicate with them without words
In the sometimes dark and seedy world of the circus, a quiet love blossoms between Kathleen and Stefano. It’s a wink across a busy crowd. It’s a protective leg wrapped around one another. And sometimes, it’s knowing when to wave goodbye. This a wonderfully honest memoir about what really happens when a someone runs away to join the circus. 

E-book only titles

ShelterShelter by Sarah Franklin

May, 1944. As towns and cities across Britain lie in ruins during the war, Connie Granger leaves her devastated hometown of Coventry to join the Women’s Timber Corps as a “lumberjill”.

Here, in this secluded community in the Forest of Dean, she meets Seppe, a gentle but traumatised Italian prisoner of war. Exiled from their former lives, their connection brings them hope and refuge from the outside world – until they are forced to make a decision that will change their lives forever.

Beautifully written and full of compassion, Shelter is a story of resilience, love and the need to belong.


Last HourThe Last Hour by Harry Sidebottom

A man runs up a spiral staircase in the Mausoleum of Hadrian. He is bruised and exhausted. Every breath hurts. But the enemy is closing in and Ballista is almost out of time.

In 24 hours, Emperor Gallienus will be murdered as he leaves the Colosseum. Ballista, a Roman barbarian, is the only man who can expose the conspirators and get close enough to the emperor to save him. But the city is swarming with police who have been instructed to take Ballista in – dead or alive. And the death of the Emperor could mean the end of Rome.


All the Birds in the SkyAll the Birds in the Sky by Charlie Jane Anders

Patricia and Laurence are not like other people. Patricia communicates with animals and Laurence has invented a time machine. They navigate their teenage years together, finding their way through life and sharing their stories. But then they part ways, with Laurence making his name as a tech wunderkind and Patricia honing her healing powers.

Years later when their paths cross again they must work together to save the future. As the past collides with the present, Patricia and Laurence discover that they might know each other better than they know themselves.


29 seconds29 Seconds by T M Logan

Every woman in the office knew The Rules for dealing with Professor Alan Lovelock:
Don’t be alone with him.
Don’t do anything he might take as encouragement.
Be especially careful when he has a drink in his hand.
But once Lovelock’s attentions landed on Sarah, there was nothing she could do. There were countless invites to one-on-one meetings, work trips, even back to his hotel room. And if she said no, her career was on the line.
But what if, with just one phone call, she could put an end to it? What if she could make him disappear?


harbour-masterThe Harbour Master by Daniel Pembrey

Detective Henk van der Pol has built a good life for himself. He has a loving wife, a daughter in university, and in only a few short months he’ll retire from the police force for good. But when a body washes up in Amsterdam’s harbour, it could destroy everything he’s been hoping for.

Henk’s investigation will take him from the darkest corners of the city to the highest seats of power. But he’s about to discover that when you make enemies in so many places, it’s those closest to you that may suffer the consequences.


Audio-book only titles


How to be BothHow to be Both by Ali Smith

Francescho del Cossa is living in 15th-century Italy and wants to learn to paint frescoes.

George is sixteen years old and lives in England in the present day. Her mother, Carol, has died suddenly, but her passing sparks George’s interest in a trip they once took to Italy.

Two stories, two countries, over five hundred years apart. Or are they?

Richly textured and written with a painter’s eye, How to be both upends what we know about love, time and truth – and whether anything is ever truly lost.


AmericanahAmericanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Ifemelu and Obinze are in love. But with Nigeria under a military dictatorship, they leave their homes in Lagos to pursue separate dreams with the intention of someday returning to be together again.

Ifemelu, gorgeous and confident, leaves for Philadelphia, whilst her shy and intelligent boyfriend Obinze heads for London. In their new lives, however, race is suddenly a burden. And many years later, when success finally comes, they find it may be too late to go home.

A sweeping study of identity, love and loneliness, Americanah is an irresistible and profoundly honest exploration of the human story today.


Resurrection BayResurrection Bay by Emma Viskic

If only he’d looked at his phone earlier. If only he’d checked his messages. Caleb Zelic has many regrets but now it’s too late. His best friend, Gary, has been brutally murdered. Driven by the guilt that he might have stopped it, he’s determined to track down the killer.

With the help of friend and former cop, Frankie, Caleb sets out to discover how a routine investigation ended in death. The question is, can they uncover the truth before the killer uncovers them? But one thing Caleb does have is an exceptional memory, and now it might just be what keeps him alive.


Anatomy of a SoldierAnatomy of a Soldier by Harry Parker

BA5799: this is the number assigned to Captain Tom Barnes. As he leads his troops into war he stands on an IED, changing his life forever.

Told from the perspective of forty-five inanimate objects, Anatomy of a Soldier tells the story of war using the objects around it, rather than the people. We learn about the tools used, the footwear worn and the photos taken during times of great hardship and pain. A surprisingly powerful and moving novel, this is unlike any other war narrative, and utterly unforgettable.


Eye of the SheepThe Eye of the Sheep by Sofie Laguna

Jimmy likes moving fast. But he knows when he’s fast he should be slow, and when he’s slow he should be fast. His mum and his dad and Robbie tell him but sometimes he can’t help it. Jimmy likes to read his manuals. He likes to know how things work. When it comes to the tumble dryer, he could explain every bolt.

But people, well, not so much. Jimmy doesn’t like his mother’s cough. Or the bottle his dad reaches for after a hard day. Or the thumps that come from the living room on a Friday night. So Jimmy has to find his own way of making everything alright.


A pretty impressive selection for £3.99 I think. If you want to take a look at Bookchoice you can find them here.  I would like to make it clear that I have no affiliation with Bookchoice, I’m choosing to share this with you, purely because I think it’s a great subscription package.





  1. Nice selection this month, I particularly want to read Shelter by Sarah Franklin. I must admit I am so tempted (thanks for sending the backlist btw), but then I see a book I’ve already read and I have doubts about subscribing. Saying that, the only one of these I’ve read is Americanah. And I do love the idea of more audiobooks, especially as they can be so expensive to buy. It’s definitely a bargain, so worth it, even if I do get a few duplicates and/or books that I probably won’t read. Can you tell I’m conflicted, haha!

    Liked by 1 person

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