The Annual Bloggers Bash Awards 2019 voting is open.

I was lucky enough to be nominated again this year and feel very honoured. The change in categories means that all book bloggers are now in one category. As we only had one nomination each, it also means that many wonderful bloggers may have missed out. I know you’ll all have your favourite book blogs, and because we are all ‘battling’ it out between each other, it will make it harder for voters to choose. However, if anyone feels they could vote for me it would be very much appreciated.
The link at the end will take you through to the voting page. The best Book/Review Blog is down at the end of the list and you just scroll down to find Jill’s Book Cafe.
Good luck to all the nominees, in all categories. I know that for me, just being nominated is a prize in itself.
You can vote for your favourite here.


  1. Hi Jill,

    The number of nominees in the book/review category compared to others suggests it’s too large a category and they need to divide it.

    Good Luck



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    • Thanks Linda. The system changed this year as previously the categories had been broader and more general so that book bloggers could have appeared in any of the categories (as indeed could any other genre blogger). It did mean though, because there are so many book bloggers who tend to be supportive that most of the categories were often won by book bloggers. Consequently the move towards a genre based vote gives a fairer chance to non book bloggers. However that has resulted in a very large book blogger category (those nominations would have been spread across say 6 or seven categories before). With so many worthy bloggers I’m not expecting to win. I shall just treasure my last year’s second place as Most Inspirational Blogger!!


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