How to donate to help those affected by the Australian bushfires.



I make no apologies for this post not being remotely bookish.

While I know many of us escape into pages to avoid what is happening around us, be it personal, medical or political, it is hard to avoid the reality of what is happening in Australia. Reading the papers and watching the news it is heartbreaking to see lives being lost, property and livelihoods being destroyed and the wildlife and countryside being decimated.



In the absence of what seems to be any national or international relief effort it is hard to know what to do to help.

For those who might still be wondering what to do with that excess Christmas money, or money saved going dry in January, or just want to do something here’s a link to a range of charities and organisations that are helping on the ground.

I made my first donation this morning to WIRES it was quick, easy and can be done via Paypal so just say how many Australian dollars you want to donate and they’ll convert it to your local currency. For UK donors £1.00 GBP  =  $1.79 AUD, and 100 dollars (with charges) translates to £55.84.

Many thanks for reading and thanks to those who are able to donate.






  1. No apology needed Jill, it’s great that you drew attention to this. I can’t believe the international ‘community’ hasn’t done more to help in Australia. Surely another nation could ‘loan’ some of its firefighters???

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