Publication day for Borrowed Time by David Mark @davidmarkwriter


Happy Publication Day to David Mark with Borrowed Time. This standalone thriller is set in the 1970’s and has a London/Essex setting.


Borrowed Time

Borrowed Time

Adam Nunn’s search for his true identity has horrifying consequences in this compelling psychological thriller.

A badly mutilated body has been discovered in a remote woodland pond on the Essex borders – a location known to be the haunt of the ruthless crime gang that ruled London in the 70s. When one of the victim’s hands is found nearby, forensic tests reveal a number scrawled on the palm. It is quickly identified as the National Insurance number of struggling family man Adam Nunn.

As Adam is arrested in connection with the murder, it emerges that the dead man was a private investigator he had hired to find out the identity of his birth parents. Just what did Larry Paris discover that got him killed?

As Adam seeks the truth surrounding his origins and promises justice for the mother he never knew, he is drawn into a lurid criminal world of violence and violation, reprisal and merciless death. Torn between the man he wants to be and the man he fears becoming, Adam’s investigations will lead him ever deeper into darkness.


Also recently published, and one you might have missed is Darkness Falls. This is one for all the DS Aector McAvoy fans as this serves as a prequel to the series. For anyone yet to discover this brilliant Hull based series you are in for a treat.


Darkness FallesDarkness Falls

A city united in grief
A journalist ready to kill to keep his secrets
A copper capable of darker deeds than any of the murderers he puts away
An unworldly detective ready to do whatever it takes to save an innocent man

Welcome to Hull

In this masterful prequel to the Sunday Times bestseller Dark Winter, Detective Sergeant Aector McAvoy is the outsider who must confront his darkest fears while hunting a killer that nobody else believes in.

In a landscape at once tender and brutal, McAvoy must tread the path between the darkness and the light, before facing an enemy who will brand him for life.

Set in Hull, 2011, Darkness Falls invites readers to see where it all began for Aector McAvoy, in a dark, disturbing mystery thriller that will keep you reading late into the night.


Book 1 in the series is available ebook format for 99p.


Dark WinterDark Winter (DS McAvoy 1)

DS Aector McAvoy is a man with a troubled past. His unwavering belief in justice has made him an outsider in the police force he serves, a good man among the lazy and corrupt.

Then on a cold day in December he is the first cop on the scene when a young girl is killed in Hull’s historic church – and the only one to see the murderer. A masked man, with tears in his eyes…

When two more seemingly unconnected people die, the police must work quickly. Only McAvoy can see the connection between the victims. A killer is playing God – and McAvoy must find a way to stop the deadly game.


  1. Borrowed Time sounds a really good story. I have never been to Epping Forest as my family are from South London. I am sure it is lovely, but it always has creepy associations – with the underworld and hidden bodies!

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    • I have read the DS McAvoy series and reviewed some, it’s a series I enjoyed not least because it’s set in my home town. I’ve just finished reading another of David’s recent books. I haven’t read Borrowed Time.


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