Publication Day spotlight on Publication Guaranteed (well, almost) by Esther Chiltern @esthernewton201

Delighted today to be able to say ‘Happy Publication Day’ to Esther Chiltern as she sends her latest book Publication Guaranteed (well, almost) into the big wide world.


Publication guaranteed


The book is the first in her A Helping Hand for Writers series and aims to solve some of the problems that can affect writers, whether new or established. Initially available as an ebook, a paperback will be following shortly. So what can you expect? Here’s the blurb,

Fed up with rejection after rejection? Not sure how to target the right market, or what to write about?

Writers Bureau tutor, editor and freelance writer, Esther Chilton takes you through the necessary steps to gain publication whether you’re just starting out or have been writing for a while.

Topics include writing:

•Readers’ letters



•Short stories

•For competitions

You’ll find information on market research, how to set your work out and send it, as well as lots of useful tips, examples and writing exercises to give you ideas and build on your writing skills with the aim of publishing your work.


Esther is perfectly placed to be able to offer advice as she’s a freelance writer, copywrighter and writing tutor for The Writers Bureau.  In addition she has her own editing, proofreading and advice service (for more see here).

Esther’s writing career started as a student with The Writers Bureau, which she went on to join as a tutor over ten years ago. In the intervening years she has notched up an impressive list of magazine and newspaper credits including My Weekly, The People’s Friend, Woman, Woman’s Own, My Weekly, Yours, Take A Break, Best, Bella, Prima, The Readers Digest, The Guardian, Sunday Mirror and The People.

Her writing awards have included first place in competitions held by Writing Magazine, Writers’ News, Global Short Story and Independent Papers among others.

Esther has also judged several writing competitions.

Encouraged by her students Esther has also published two collections of short stories



Esther’s books are all available from Amazon, click on the image below for a purchasing link (NB this is an affiliate link)


Publication guaranteed




The Siege and Other Award Winning Stories

Freelance writer and The Writers Bureau tutor, Esther Newton brings twelve of her award winning short stories together in a collection for the first time. Prepare to be on the edge of your seat one moment as a woman is held hostage at gunpoint, smiling the next at a tale of a Fairy Godmother with a difference, before rooting for a young girl who’s cornered by a school bully and then reaching for the tissues, along with a mother whose daughter has been missing for days.

The collection includes prize winning short stories from Writing Magazine, Writers’ News, The Global Short Story and Ouse Valley Writers competitions, amongst others.

Paperback edition features six extra stories!


walk in the woods

A Walk in the Woods and other short stories.

An autumnal stroll through the woods, colourful leaves crunching underfoot, the air fresh on the face, laughter and lightness portraying a happy mother and daughter scene. But something isn’t right…

A young boy who thought he knew his parents finds out that he doesn’t know them at all.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to die and then to look down upon yourself?

These are just a few of the scenes and scenarios found in A Walk In The Woods and other short stories. There are stories to make you smile, tales to bring a tear and stories to shock as well as delight.



Esther photo 2Keep in touch with Esther via

Her blog



You can also catch up with Esther’s Five on Friday feature here





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