Urbane’s Summer Sale : Cracking Reads at Crazy Prices @urbanebooks

This week I saw on Twitter that Urbane Publications were holding a ‘Summer Sale’ of their ebook titles. With the lure of many titles priced at only 77p I was tempted to go and look – just to see how many you understand (what! you don’t believe me?). Well I can tell you, there are a lot, well over 100 by my quick reckoning. You can find the full list here. (NB Amazon links are affiliate links)

I’ve been aware of Urbane since 2016 when I joined the Urbane Reading Club. The ‘club’ offered every book published over the following year for £99.99. At the time they were publishing approx 5 books a month so that was a no brainer for me. On the plus side it also means I already own a fair few of those in the current sale. In fact my Urbane books have their own dedicated book case. The only titles missing are those that I’ve added since via ebook and those that have a hallowed place in my signed book collection – those would be yours Gina Kirkham!

Urbane have a varied catalogue and in their own words,

At Urbane we’re passionate about the books we publish, because we’re readers too! From ground-breaking debut fiction to business books, established thriller series and more, there’s something for everyone.

So don’t miss your chance to bag a bargain, I mean, really 77p – that’s barely a quarter of a cup of coffee! Even those not ‘on sale’ are well worth the money. Here are some of my favourites:-

Gina Kirkham

Gina writes funny, heartwarming (and at times heartbreaking) books featuring Constable Mavis Upton. Mavis is not a million miles away from Gina, who based her fiction books on her real life career with Merseyside Police. Discover more about Gina here when she appeared on Five on Friday

Eva Jordan

Eva writes emotive books about contemporary family life. Funny, poignant and accurate. As both a mum and step mum to four adult children, she is well versed in all aspects of family life.  

Beverley Harvey

Beverley writes engaging tales that open the lid on what goes on behind those closed doors in suburbia. Loves, lies, secrets and revelations that confirm that the proverbial grass isn’t greener on the other side. You can discover more about Beverley here in her Five on Friday feature.

Still patiently waiting on my shelves/kindle
Anne Coates

Anne’s debut thriller, “Dancers in the Wind”, was published in October 2016 and grew out of an interview she did for a national newspaper. Afterwards she thought “What if…” and so Hannah Weybridge came into existence. The latest book in the series was published in February 2020. You can discover more about Anne via her Five on Friday feature here.

Two more lovely Five on Friday authors, Cherry Radford and Rose McGinty

I’m not party to how long the sale is on, but at the current price it would be a shame to delay and miss your chance to stock up on some great reads.

Happy Reading!!


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