If you can’t get to a cafe, let Jill’s Book Cafe come to you…

Thanks to Helen Steadman for inviting me onto her blog, and getting me to open up about books, boobs and blogging – with a bit of travel thrown in for good measure.


  1. This is a great read Jill. I could hear your voice as I read your answers. I am so impressed by what you have achieved in 5 short years but most of all so grateful for our friendship . Love Linda


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  2. That was an amazing interview, Jill, which I really enjoyed reading. Comments are closed on Helen’s blog or I’d have said so there 🙂 I feel I’ve learned a lot more about you. I totally agree with all you say about libraries. I still remember the joy of joining my local library. I’d read all the books on our class shelf at school and the teacher persuaded the librarian to let me join at age seven, though in those far off days the joining age was ten. I was in heaven. I fear Covid has given our local councils the perfect excuse for not re-opening some of our libraries.

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    • Thanks Mary, if you made it to the end you deserve a medal! I think Libraries are way down in the pecking order and have been for some time but they really are vital. By the time that fact is recognised it’ll be too late. Reading isn’t just about picture books and leisure reading, it’s the stepping stone to education.

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