My pick of May’s Kindle deals

The ‘Kindle Monthly Sale’ is now a variety of different ‘offers’ bundled together and they may in some cases last longer than the current month (particularly those priced at £1). As a result I’ve decided not to include the £1 books in my selection, anyone wanting to look quickly at those can look here.

As this post takes an inordinate amount of time I’m trying something different this month. I’m just adding the image which will link through to Amazon, so you can still read the blurb for more into. The nice feature with this option is the preview option to read a sample. This format will only apply to the Kindle sale as it’s the only feature that relates purely to Amazon. I think this is a happy compromise, I hope you agree, let me know.

For anybody who attended any of the fabulous Crime Cymru online panels over the past week, there are a number of a panelists book’s in the sale. I’ve put them as a separate collection before Crime, Thriller and Mystery and apologies to anybody I might have missed.

Continuing my policy of trying to be more selective (famous last words) I’ve been quite ruthless in predominantly restricting the titles to those published largely since 2020. This is based on the assumption that the longer a book has been around it’s more likely to have hit your radar already. I’m also only including my top picks rather than including ALL the books I’ve bought, read or would read. This will hopefully help to focus my mind! That said I might still throw in a few golden oldies that I’ve read and loved. As ever, it’s a list that’s skewed towards my prevailing reading tastes so feel free to look at the complete list on Amazon here.

Genres have been allocated by me and have been generously applied especially as some books are a mix of genres. I don’t like to pigeon hole but it helps to give the post a bit more structure.

(NB As an Amazon Associate I earn a small commission from qualifying purchases)


Crime, Thriller and Mystery

Feel Good Fiction and Romance

General Fiction

Historical (I tend to take this as pre 1960’s ie not in my lifetime!)


Crime Cymru Authors

Crime, Thriller & Mystery

Check out The Final Game by Caimh McDonnell also available in the sale

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Feel Good Fiction & Romance

Check out other titles by Julie Houston in the sale.

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General/Contemporary Fiction

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So that’s it for this month, hopefully enough for you to discover a new, bargain read.

Happy Reading!


  1. You evil temptress, Jill 😂 I stocked up on historical fiction 😍 Weird thing with the links though, just thought I’d mention it, I always click through from the WP reader to your actual website but in this post not all of the covers were visible, many of the links showed instead, but in the WP reader the post looks perfect.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Mmmm, I’ll have to investigate that. The links are auto-generated by Amazon so that doesn’t help. Could you let me know one of the ones that doesn’t work please and I’ll see what I can do. Many thanks for letting me know x

      Liked by 1 person

      • Eek, not sure what to do. I thought it might have been because when I took the Amazon link I started with an HTML link and then switched but they don’t support that pattern. I’ll see if any others are having problems and can suggest a fix.

        Liked by 1 person

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