Publication Day for A Donkey on the Catwalk by Marjory McGinn @fatgreekodyssey

Delighted to say “Happy Publication Day” to Marjory McGinn on her latest memoir which sees a return to Greece along with her husband Jim and Wallace their lovable, idiosyncratic Jack Russell. A Donkey on the Catwalk is the fourth in the best-selling Peloponnede series, and features a new collection of original stories and travel narratives, with comical and insightful tales of life in wild and stunning locations.

About the Book

Fans of the series will be delighted to see the return of their unforgettable neighbour Foteini, while new readers will be captivated by her escapades. Foteini has a unique take on life; some outrageous ‘fashions’, including a makeshift shoe design you will never forget, and personalised ‘haute couture’ offerings for Riko the donkey.

Wallace as ever, plays a starring role, being the force of nature that he is, that was never in any doubt.

Wallace in Greece (Small) (2).jpg
The Lovely Wallace in Greece

As well as tales of the Peloponnese, there are stories from other Greek locations the couple have visited, including Pelion and the islands of Santorini and Corfu. This book also offers a fascinating glimpse into some of the author’s earliest trips to Greece with tales that have not been published before, including a year of teaching English in Athens during a dangerous time of political upheaval; a humorous story of facing up to bizarre religious relics in Corfu; and a long sabbatical in Crete that didn’t quite go to plan, with a hint of unexpected romance in an idyllic setting.

This book also includes some of the author’s photographs of her travels in Greece.

About the Series

In 2010, Marjory moved to Greece with her husband Jim and their now famously crazy dog, Wallace. It became a four year adventure that provided plenty of material to write about. The books are a perfect blend of memoir, travelogue and history that form a love letter to the region and it’s inhabitants.

Things Can Only Get Feta was the first in the series and regales us with their introduction to the region after deciding to up sticks from their native Scotland.

After an Arctic winter, a British recession, and a downturn in the newspaper industry, two journalists and their dog embark on an adventure in the wild and beautiful southern Peloponnese in 2010. A perfect plan, except for one thing – Greece is deep in economic crisis. And if fiscal failure can’t overturn the couple’s escapade in rural Greece, perhaps macabre local customs, a scorpion invasion, zero dog-tolerance, and eccentric expats will. This is a humorous and insightful journey through one of the last unspoilt regions of Greece. It is full of encounters with warm-hearted Greeks who show that this troubled country still has heroes, if not euros.

Their adventures continued in Homer’s Where The Heart Is and A Scorpion In The Lemon Tree.

Homer’s Where the Heart Is continues the story where the acclaimed first memoir left off. Two journalists and their crazy terrier Wallace are into the second year of an amazing adventure, living in the wild Mani, southern Greece. They share an olive grove with their new Greek landlords as the country veers towards bankruptcy and social upheaval.

They are soon pulled into the chaos of the economic crisis with some of the original village characters from Marjory’s first memoir, Things Can Only Get Feta. This candid memoir is also the story of the author’s passion for Greece. Woven into the narrative is Marjory’s thrilling back story from another dark time while she was working in Athens, during the military dictatorship of the 1970s. It will reveal haunting parallels between this period of history and the current crisis and will highlight as much about Greece as it does about her own personal journey at a young age.

Homer also takes the reader on a memorable journey around the Mani, including an exclusive tour of the late Patrick Leigh Fermor’s unique home in Kardamili, and a trip to the island of Kythera. This edition also features some of the author’s own photographs of Greece.

Marjory, Jim and their crazy dog Wallace are on a second hilarious odyssey in southern Greece but this time they end up in a peninsula they didn’t choose, and a house they never wanted to live in. How did this happen? Easy, this is Greece and nothing ever goes to plan.

The couple’s latest adventure in Koroni, on the Messinian peninsula, takes them on another perilous and funny journey, with house rental dramas, scorpion threats, a publishing upheaval, and much more. But when they are finally seduced by the charm of unspoilt Koroni, make new friends, grapple with Greek lessons, and reconnect with some of the memorable characters of their Mani days, they discover once more why they are in love with this resilient country, despite its ongoing economic crisis. And there’s not even a sting in this tale. Well … not one you could imagine!

What readers think about the series

Things Can Only Get Feta

“Honestly, you won’t be able to put this book down.” Maria Karamitsos, The Greek Star newspaper, Chicago.

“An honest view of life in Greece today, as seen through the refreshingly unblinkered eyes of a very gifted author. An engaging, humour-spiced book that entertains and informs.” Peter Kerr, bestselling author of Snowball Oranges.

“Marjory tells a good story with a journalist’s eye for mood and detail… With luck she will write a second volume as entertaining, good-hearted and moving as this.” Alex Martin, Anglo-Hellenic Review, London.

“A book to relax into, a wonderful record of Greece’s uniqueness, written with wonderment, admiration and wit, all in equal measure.” Anne Zouroudi, award-winning author of the Greek Detective series of novels.

“I fell in love with this book. With her good nature, insight and sense of pathos, the author perfectly portrays my country and compatriots, especially those in the villages.” Margarita Nikolopoulou, Athenian poet

“The best book of its kind I’ve ever read. It has it all: humour, interesting facts and a good measure of sentiment… Marjory is a truly talented author.” Effrosyni Moschoudi, author of The Lady of the Pier trilogy

Homer’s Where The Heart Is

“Marjory is a talented storyteller. Many descriptions and events made me laugh out loud, a feat until now only achieved by Douglas Adams and PG Wodehouse.” Dawn, Amazon reviewer

“Marjory is a skilled wordsmith who has combined her journalistic expertise and story-telling flair to create a highly laudable sequel to Things Can Only Get Feta. Informative and entertaining.” – Peter Kerr, best-selling author of Snowball Oranges.

“Beautifully written, at times funny and always insightful, it entertains and at the same time gives us a unique perspective on an indomitable country coping with crisis. What more could you ask for?” – Richard Clark, author of the Greek Notebook series.

“Through her stories, sentiments and humor, we see and feel her love for Greece. Put this at the top of your summer reading list.” – Maria A. Karamitsos, founder and editor of WindyCity Greek, in Chicago.

“Marjory takes us on an odyssey with mind, heart and great skill. I loved reading this book.” – Pamela Jane Rogers, author of Greekscapes.

“Another wonderful book by Marjory McGinn. The ending tugged at my heart.” – Linda Fagioli-Katsiotas, author of Greek memoir, The Nifi.

“Marjory writes at a level that sits with the best of the travelogue genre. Her depth of characterisation and turns of phrase are outstanding.” – Amazon reviewer.

“Beautifully written. Her historic insight gives this book a gravitas far beyond its genre without taking anything away from a charming read.” – Anthony Hooper, author of The Glass Lie.

“A fascinating and heartwarming memoir. I absolutely loved this book and had a huge lump in my throat at the end of it.” – Valerie Poore, author of Watery Ways.

A Scorpion In The Lemon Tree

“Her empathy with Greece and refusal to lapse into sentimentality makes this a witty and poignant book.” – Richard Clark, author of the Greek Notebook series.

“I loved this book. If you can’t get to Greece, pick up a copy of ‘Scorpion’ and enjoy the ride.” – Maria Karamitsos, founder, Chicago-based internet magazine WindyCity Greek

“I absolutely love all three books in this series. One common thread is the way they give a human perspective to the Greek financial crisis. The author writes with compassion and understanding about the often impossible decisions people face just to survive. This is heavy subject matter, but because the author has such a personal connection to Greece and its people, she is able to write about it with warmth, and with humor.” – Dawn, Goodreads reviewer

“Through the author’s wisdom, honesty and ability to relate the comic and tragic, this is a masterful description of Greek village life.” Pamela Rogers, author of Greekscapes

About the Author

Marjory McGinn

Marjory McGinn is a Scottish-born author and journalist brought up in Australia and now based in Cornwall, England. Her journalism has appeared in leading newspapers and magazines in the UK and Australia.

The Peloponnese series of books based on her 4 years in Greece have regularly been in the top 10 bestsellers for Greek travel and Essays and Travelogues on Amazon, and bestsellers in Travel Writing. She has also written two novels set in southern Greece, A Saint For The Summer and its sequel, and recently, How Greek Is Your Love? which are Book 1 and 2 in the Bronte in Greece series. They combine intrigue and romance with a strong sense of place.

A member of the UK’s Society of Authors, Marjory writes a blog with a Greek theme on her website.

For book news follow Marjory via Facebook and Twitter


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