Five on Friday with Anna Belfrage @abelfrageauthor

Today I’m delighted to feature author Anna Belfrage. Had Anna been allowed to choose, she’d have become a time-traveller. As this was impossible, she became a financial professional with two absorbing interests: history and writing. Anna has authored the acclaimed time travelling series The Graham Saga, set in 17th century Scotland and Maryland, as well as the equally acclaimed medieval series The King’s Greatest Enemy which is set in 14th century England.  

Anna has also published The Wanderer, a fast-paced contemporary romantic suspense trilogy with paranormal and time-slip ingredients. Her September 2020 release, His Castilian Hawk, has her returning to medieval times. Set against the complications of Edward I’s invasion of Wales, His Castilian Hawk is a story of loyalty, integrity—and love.

Her most recent release, The Whirlpools of Time, is a time travel romance set against the backdrop of brewing rebellion in the Scottish highlands.

As one of the interests I share with Anna is Spanish history I’m happy to report that Anna is presently hard at work with the second instalment in her Castilian series. The Castilian Pomegranate will be published in the autumn of 2021 and is set in 13th century Spain.

All of Anna’s books have been awarded the IndieBRAG Medallion, she has several Historical Novel Society Editor’s Choices, and one of her books won the HNS Indie Award in 2015. She is also the proud recipient of various Reader’s Favorite medals as well as having won various Gold, Silver and Bronze Coffee Pot Book Club awards.

Over to Anna:

Which five pieces of music/songs would you include in the soundtrack to your life and why?

What a difficult question! I have never really considered my life as a sound track, but challenge accepted 😊 So: music songs that somehow define me and my life.

Meatloaf’s Bat Out of Hell album. My first serious boyfriend was a major Meatloaf fan and introduced me to his music. He also broke up with me by playing Two out of Three ain’t bad over and over again—but I can’t exactly blame Meatloaf for that, and this is probably my favourite album ever, especially the song For Crying out Loud. For obvious reasons, Two out of Three ain’t bad is not a favourite…

Mocedades Tú como yo – one of those classic Spanish smooch songs that make me feel all warm inside. But then I am a major Mocedades fan—I love their lyrics. As I am trilingual due to an itinerant childhood (mostly spent in South America) I have a special relationship with the Spanish language, yet another reason why I am so fond of Mocedades. This Spanish Group won the Eurovision Song Contest with the song Eres Tu – not, IMO, one of their better songs. 

Beethoven’s Piano Sonata No. 8 Op. 13 (Pathetique). It is perfect music to write to, but more importantly, it reminds me of my mother. She was very much into music and on cold winter afternoons she would make us tea, put on her Beethoven sonatas and then we would sit and read. My mother helped me discover the world of books at a very early age. She encouraged me to ride widely and when I tried to provoke her by choosing Anaïs Nin or Erica Jong, she merely smiled and told me she was there to answer any questions. Huh: there went that teenage rebellion

Sunshine by John Denver because whenever I hear it, it makes me think of my family – my hubby since yonks back and our four lovely children.

My final choice makes me squirm a bit as it is VERY uncool. You see, I love The Sound of Music, have done so since I first saw it and now, many, many years later, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen it. And my favourite song from that movie (which, ridiculously enough, always has me going a tad teary-eyed) is Something Good. “…for here you are, standing there, loving me, whether or not you should…” Aahhh. Right: I need a moment here

What five things (apart from family and friends) would you find it hard to live without.

Tea – because seriously, a life without tea is akin to wandering in the desert.

My Kindle (with all the books in it) These days, I rarely buy anything but e-books. I think trees should be used for other things than making paper, but also e-books are so convenient—I have an entire library at my disposal on my Kindle.

Chocolate – see comment about tea, although if I had to choose, I’d stick with the tea.

Long walks – I am somewhat addicted to walking, averaging around 18 000 steps or so a day. It soothes me, leaves me calm and concentrated.

My imagination. I spend a lot of time in my imaginary worlds. A fallen log becomes a bridge—or a horse—a length of wood is suddenly a lance, and the shadows that dapple the ground in the beech forest are anything from trolls to evil enemies. Or I lie back in the sun and I am suddenly in Moorish Spain. From a distant courtyard comes the sound of soft voices, water burbles nearby and the scents of garlic and saffron promise something nice to eat. And then I open my eyes and discover that I am still in Sweden, surrounded by rustling forests and meadows where the breeze has the tall grasses billowing like green waves. Which makes me think of the sea, and suddenly… I think you get the idea.

Give five pieces of advice to your younger self?

Be better at enjoying the here and now rather than planning five years ahead.

Forgive yourself for not being the perfect mum/colleague/wife. Perfect is boring!

Be brave! Take a chance and follow your heart even when your head is saying “no, no, no.”

Invest in yourself. Take the time required to ensure you stay fit and healthy—it pays off in the end.

Accept help when it is offered. You do not need to make the journey all on your own.

Tell us five things that most people don’t know about you

I don’t drink alcohol, this due to early exposure to people who drank too much. I am, however, very interested in the history of alcohol which is why I wrote a whole post about Armagnac, spend a lot of time perusing different variants of whisky and know more than I should about wine, seeing as I never drink it. Now and then, I do taste. My general conclusion is that nothing tastes as good as water or tea.

I am very fond of dogs and have spent a lot of time as an obedience instructor—and as a ring secretary on various dog shows. I’d say I recognise most dog breeds on sight.

I was once selected for the Venezuelan softball team. Did not happen, as a prerequisite was that I become a Venezuelan citizen. “Not happening,” my dad said, and that was that.

I have a thing about roses. In my previous garden, I planted close to 40 different rosebushes, many of them roses that have been around since the middle ages. We sold the house and the garden, we bought a country house where we were going to have one of those easy-to-maintain gardens but over time the number of rosebushes have expanded there as well. However, due to less favourable climate conditions, I have to go for the really hardy types. 

I make a to-die-for cheesecake. Always a very useful skill…

Tell us five things you’d still like to do or achieve.

I’d like to walk the Camino, the ancient pilgrim’s route to Santiago de Compostela.

I’d like to learn Russian – but am daunted by their alphabet.

I’d like to write that book that leaves everyone reduced to tears—but when I try, I end up blubbering so badly I just can’t do it. I do so want my characters to reach that Happily Ever After, even if real life is sadly short on them.

I would like to do a degree in history.

I’d like to learn how to crochet.

Thanks for joining me today Anna, it appears we have a lot more in common than our love of Spain and history. I’d say a life without tea is … no life at all – ditto for chocolate! Some happy memories for me today with your music choices. I’ve also seen the Sound of Music more times than I care to remember, as evidenced by the fact I knew all the words to Something Good. It was also lovely to get the chance to hear John Denver again, I’ve always loved his voice. I wish growing up we all had the courage to be braver, but it’s never too late to start. Just like learning a language, while you’re daunted by the Russian alphabet, I’m hampered by my memory when it comes to Spanish. I must try harder. I really hope you get to walk the Camino, or even just a section of it. Santiago de Compostela is a wonderful city that I’d happily return to if the chance arose. With your love of history, hopefully that degree might also become reality. I did once attend a one day course on learning to crochet, but I’m not a natural, so I suspect I’ll stick to knitting – hope you have better luck.

Anna’s Books

(NB This post features Affiliate links from which I earn a small commission on qualifying purchases)

The Graham Saga Series

A Rip in the Veil: Reluctant time traveller meets 17th century fugitive (The Graham Saga Book 1) Kindle Edition

A Rip in the Veil

Reluctant time traveller meets 17th century fugitive – disaster or romance?

On a muggy August day in 2002 Alex Lind disappears without a trace. On an equally stifling August day in 1658, Matthew Graham finds her on an empty Scottish moor. Life will never be the same for Alex – or for Matthew.

Due to a series of rare occurrences, Alexandra Lind is thrown three centuries backwards in time. She lands at the feet of Matthew Graham – an escaped convict making his way home to Scotland in this the year of our Lord, 1658.

Matthew doesn’t quite know what to make of this concussed and injured woman who has seemingly fallen from the skies- what is she, a witch?

Alex gawks at this tall, gaunt man with hazel eyes, dressed in what to her mostly looks like rags. At first she thinks he might be some sort of hermit, an oddball, but she quickly realises the odd one out is she, not he.

Catapulted from a life of modern comfort, Alex grapples with this new existence, further complicated by the dawning realization that someone from her time has followed her here – and not exactly to extend a helping hand.

Potential compensation for this brutal shift in fate comes in the shape of Matthew – a man she should never have met, not when she was born three centuries after him. But for all that Matthew quickly proves himself a willing and most capable protector he comes with baggage of his own, and on occasion it seems his past will see him killed. At times Alex finds it all excessively exciting, longing for the structured life she used to have.

How will she ever get back? And more importantly, does she want to?

[(Like Chaff in the Wind)] [By (author) Anna Belfrage] published on (February, 2014) Paperback

Like Chaff in the Wind

Matthew Graham committed the mistake of his life when he cut off his brother’s nose. In revenge, Luke Graham has Matthew abducted and transported to the Colony of Virginia, there to be sold as indentured labour – a death sentence more or less.

Matthew arrives in Virginia in May of 1661, and any hope he had of finding someone willing to listen to his tale of unlawful abduction is quickly extinguished. He also realises that no one has ever survived the seven years of service – not on the plantation Suffolk Rose.

Fortunately, Matthew has a remarkable wife who has no intention of letting her husband die, and so Alex Graham sets off on a perilous journey to bring him home.

Alex is plagued by nightmares in which Matthew is reduced to a wheezing wreck by his ordeals. She prays for a miracle to carry her swiftly to his side, but fate has other plans and what should have been a two month crossing turns into a yearlong adventure from one side of the Atlantic to the other.

Will she find him in time? And if she does, will she be capable of paying the price required to buy him free?

The Prodigal Son (The Graham Saga Book 3) Kindle Edition

The Prodigal Son

Safely returned from an involuntary stay in Virginia, Matthew Graham finds the Scottish Lowlands torn asunder by religious strife. His Restored Majesty, Charles II, requires all his subjects to swear fealty to him and the Church of England, riding roughshod over any opposition.

In Ayrshire, people close ranks around their evicted Presbyterian ministers. But disobedience comes at a high price, and Alex becomes increasingly nervous as to what her Matthew is risking by his support of the clandestine ministers – foremost amongst them the charismatic Sandy Peden.

Privately, Alex considers Sandy an enervating fanatic and all this religious fervour is incomprehensible to her. So when Matthew repeatedly sets his faith and ministers before his own safety, he puts their marriage under severe strain.
The situation is further complicated by the presence of Ian, the son Matthew was cruelly duped into disowning several years ago. Now Matthew wants Ian back and Alex isn’t entirely sure this is a good thing.

Things are brought to a head when Matthew places all their lives in the balance to save his dear preacher from the dragoons.
How much is Matthew willing to risk? How much will he ultimately lose?

A Newfound Land (The Graham Saga Book 4) Kindle Edition

A Newfound Land

It’s 1672, and Matthew Graham and his family have left Scotland. Having taken the drastic decision to leave their homeland due to religious conflicts, Alexandra and Matthew hope for a simpler, if harsher, life in the wilds of the Colony of Maryland.

Unfortunately, things don’t always turn out as you want them to, and the past has a nasty tendency to resurface at the most inappropriate moments. Both Matthew and Alex are forced to cope with the unexpected reappearance of people they had never thought to meet again, and the screw is turned that much tighter when the four rogue Burley brothers enter their lives.

Matters are further complicated by the strained relations between colonists and the Susquehannock Indians. When Matthew intercedes to stop the Burleys from abducting Indian women into slavery he makes lifelong – and deadly – enemies of them all.
Once again Alex is plunged into an existence where death seems to threaten her man wherever he goes.

Will Matthew see himself – and his family – safe in these new circumstances? And will the past finally be laid to rest?

Serpents in the Garden (The Graham Saga Book 5) Kindle Edition

Serpents in the Garden

After years of hard work, Matthew and Alex Graham have created a thriving home in the Colony of Maryland. About time, in Alex’s opinion, after far too many adventures she is really looking forward to some well-deserved peace and quiet.

A futile hope, as it turns out. Things start to heat up when Jacob, the third Graham son, absconds from his apprenticeship to see the world – especially as Jacob leaves behind a girl whom he has wed in a most irregular fashion.
Then there’s the infected matter of the fellow time traveller Alex feels obliged to help – no matter the risk. Worst of all, one day Philip Burley and his brothers resurface after years of absence. As determined as ever to make Matthew pay for every perceived wrong – starting with the death of their youngest brother – the Burleys play out a complicated cat and mouse game, and Alex is thrown back into an existence where her heart is constantly in her mouth, convinced as she is that one day the Burleys will achieve their purpose.
Will the Burleys succeed? And if they do, will the Graham family survive the exacted price?

Revenge and Retribution (The Graham Saga Book 6) Kindle Edition

Revenge and Retribution

Life in the Colony of Maryland is no sinecure – as Alex and Matthew Graham well know. But nothing in their previous life has prepared them for the mayhem that is about to be unleashed upon them.

Being labelled a witch is not a good thing in 1684, so it is no wonder Alex Graham is aghast at having such insinuations thrown at her. Even worse, it’s Matthew’s brother-in-law, Simon Melville, who points finger at her.

Not that the ensuing hearing is her main concern, because nowadays Alex’s entire life is tainted by the fear of what Philip Burley will do to them once he gets hold of them. On a sunny May afternoon, Philip finally achieves his aim and over the course of the coming days Alex sees her whole life unravelling, leaving her family permanently maimed.
As if all this wasn’t enough, Alex also has to cope with the loss of one of her sons. Forcibly adopted by the former Susquehannock, Samuel is dragged from Alex’s arms to begin a new life in the wilderness.

How is Alex to survive all this? And will she be able to put her damaged family back together?

Whither Thou Goest (The Graham Saga Book 7) Kindle Edition

Whither Thou Goest

In their rural home in the Colony of Maryland, Matthew and Alex Graham are still recovering from the awful events of the previous years when Luke Graham, Matthew’s estranged brother, asks them for a favour.

Alex has no problems whatsoever ignoring Luke’s sad plea for help. In her opinion Matthew’s brother is an evil excuse of a man who deserves whatever nasty stuff fate throws at him. Except, as Matthew points out, Luke is begging them to save his son – his misled Charlie, one of the Monmouth rebels – and can Charlie Graham be held responsible for his father’s ill deeds?

So off they go on yet another adventure, this time to the West Indies to find a young man neither of them knows but who faces imminent death on a sugar plantation, condemned to slavery for treason. The journey is hazardous and along the way Alex comes face to face with a most disturbing ghost from her previous life, a man she would much have preferred never to have met.
Time is running out for Charlie Graham, Matthew is haunted by reawakened memories of his days as an indentured servant, and then there’s the eerie Mr Brown, Charlie’s new owner, who will do anything to keep his secrets safe, anything at all.

Will Matthew deliver his nephew from imminent death? And will they ever make it back home?

To Catch a Falling Star (The Graham Saga Book 8) Kindle Edition

To Catch a Falling Star

Some gifts are double-edged swords …

For Matthew Graham, being given the gift of his former Scottish manor is a dream come true. For his wife, Alex, this gift will force her to undertake a perilous sea journey, leaving most of their extensive family in the Colony of Maryland. Alex is torn apart by this, but staying behind while her husband travels to Scotland is no option.
Scotland in 1688 is a divided country, torn between the papist Stuart king and the foreign but Protestant William of Orange. In the Lowlands, popular opinion is with Dutch William, and Matthew’s reluctance to openly support him does not endear him to his former friends and neighbours.

While Matthew struggles to come to terms with the fact that Scotland of 1688 bears little resemblance to his lovingly conserved memories, Alex is forced to confront unresolved issues from her past, including her overly curious brother-in-law, Luke Graham. And then there’s the further complication of the dashing, flamboyant Viscount Dundee, a man who knocks Alex completely off her feet.

All the turmoil that accompanies their return to Scotland pales into insignificance when a letter arrives, detailing the calamities threatening their youngest daughter in Maryland – at the hand of that most obnoxious minister, Richard Campbell. Matthew and Alex have no choice but to hasten back, no matter the heartache this causes.

Will they make it back in time? And what will Richard Campbell do?

There is Always a Tomorrow (The Graham Saga Book 9) Kindle Edition

There is Always Tomorrow

It is 1692 and the Colony of Maryland is still adapting to the consequences of Coode’s Rebellion some years previously. Religious tolerance in the colony is now a thing of the past, but safe in their home, Alex and Matthew Graham have no reason to suspect they will become embroiled in the ongoing religious conflicts—until one of their sons betrays their friend Carlos Muñoz to the authorities.

Matthew Graham does not leave his friends to rot—not even if they’re papist priests—so soon enough most of the Graham family is involved in a rescue attempt, desperate to save Carlos from a sentence that may well kill him.
Meanwhile, in London little Rachel is going through hell. In a matter of months she loses everything, even her surname, as apparently her father is not Master Cooke but one Jacob Graham. Not that her paternity matters when her entire life implodes.

Will Alex and Matthew be able to help their unknown grandchild? More importantly, will Rachel want their help?

The Soft Touch of Angels: A Graham Saga Novella Kindle Edition

The Soft Touch of Angels (novella)

After months of torment, Duncan Melville has had enough and punches one of his bullies in the face. In retribution, he is set upon by the tormentor’s much older brother…

There are few things that upset Alex as much as seeing a member of her family hurting. So when her ten-year-old grandson is severely injured she decides the only thing to do is to take him home, never mind that Duncan’s biological mother, Sarah, will likely throw a fit.

Sarah does throw a fit. She wants the living reminder of the terrible events that led to his unfortunate conception gone, immediately. Alex refuses. Duncan is a child—a child of her blood—and she will not fail him.

The Christmas spirit in the Graham home is seriously threatened as unhealed wounds break open. Caught in the middle is Duncan, a boy who doesn’t quite know where he belongs—or with whom.

The King’s Greatest Enemy Series

In the Shadow of the Storm: The King's Greatest Enemy #1 Kindle Edition

In the Shadows of the Storm

Adam de Guirande owes his lord, Roger Mortimer, much more than loyalty. He owes Lord Roger for his life and all his worldly goods, he owes him for his beautiful wife – even if Kit is not quite the woman Lord Roger thinks she is. So when Lord Roger rises in rebellion against the king, Adam has no choice but to ride with him – no matter what the ultimate cost may be.

England in 1321 is a confusing place. Edward II has been forced by his barons to exile his favourite, Hugh Despenser. The barons, led by the powerful Thomas of Lancaster, Roger Mortimer and Humphrey de Bohun, have reasons to believe they have finally tamed the king. But Edward is not about to take things lying down…

Adam fears his lord has over-reached, but Adam has other matters to concern him, first and foremost his new wife, Katherine de Monmouth. His bride comes surrounded by rumours concerning her and Lord Roger, and he hates it when his brother snickers and whispers of used goods.

Kit has the misfortune of being a perfect double of Katherine de Monmouth – which is why she finds herself coerced into wedding a man under a false name.

Domestic matters become irrelevant when the king sets out to punish his rebellious barons. The Welsh Marches explode into war, and soon Lord Roger and his men are fighting for their very lives. When hope splutters and dies, when death seems inevitable, it falls to Kit to save her man – if she can.

In the Shadow of the Storm is the first in Anna Belfrage’s new series, The King’s Greatest Enemy, the story of a man torn apart by his loyalties to his lord, his king, and his wife.

Days of Sun and Glory: The King's Greatest Enemy #2 Kindle Edition

Days of Sun & Glory

Adam de Guirande has barely survived the aftermath of Roger Mortimer’s rebellion in 1321. When Mortimer manages to escape the Tower and flee to France, anyone who has ever served Mortimer becomes a potential traitor – at least in the eyes of King Edward II and his royal chancellor, Hugh Despenser. Adam must conduct a careful balancing act to keep himself and his family alive. Fortunately, he has two formidable allies: Queen Isabella and his wife, Kit.

England late in 1323 is a place afflicted by fear. Now that the king’s greatest traitor, Roger Mortimer, has managed to evade royal justice, the king and his beloved Despenser see dissidents and rebels everywhere – among Mortimer’s former men, but also in the queen, Isabella of France.

Yet again, Kit and Adam are forced to take part in a complicated game of intrigue and politics. Yet again, they risk their lives – and that of those they hold dear – as Edward II and Mortimer face off. Once again, England is plunged into war – and this time it will not end until either Despenser or Mortimer is dead.

Under the Approaching Dark: The King's Greatest Enemy #3 Kindle Edition

Under the Approaching Dark

Adam de Guirande has cause to believe the turbulent times are behind him: Hugh Despenser is dead and Edward II is forced to abdicate in favour of his young son. It is time to look forward, to a bright new world in which the young king, guided by his council, heals his kingdom and restores its greatness. But the turmoil is far from over.

England in the early months of 1327 is a country in need of stability, and many turn with hope towards the new young king, Edward III. But Edward is too young to rule, so instead it is his mother, Queen Isabella, and her lover, Roger Mortimer, who do the actual governing, much to the dislike of barons such as Henry of Lancaster.

When it is announced that Edward II has died in September of 1327, what has so far been a grumble grows into voluble protests against Mortimer. Yet again, the spectre of rebellion haunts the land, and things are further complicated by the reappearance of one of Adam’s personal enemies. Soon enough, he and his beloved wife Kit are fighting for their survival – even more so when Adam is given a task that puts them both in the gravest of dangers.

The Cold Light of Dawn: The King's Greatest Enemy #4 Kindle Edition

The Cold Light of Dawn

After Henry of Lancaster’s rebellion has been crushed early in 1329, a restless peace settles over England. However, the young Edward III is no longer content with being his regents’ puppet, no matter that neither Queen Isabella nor Roger Mortimer show any inclination to give up their power. Caught in between is Adam de Guirande, torn between his loyalty to the young king and that to his former lord, Roger Mortimer.

Edward III is growing up fast. No longer a boy to be manipulated, he resents the power of his mother, Queen Isabella, and Mortimer. His regents show little inclination of handing over their power to him, the rightful king, and Edward suspects they never will unless he forces their hand.

Adam de Guirande is first and foremost Edward’s man, and he too is of the opinion that the young king is capable of ruling on his own. But for Adam siding with his king causes heartache, as he still loves Roger Mortimer, the man who shaped him into who he is.

Inevitably, Edward and his regents march towards a final confrontation. And there is nothing Adam can do but pray and hope that somehow things will work out. Unfortunately, prayers don’t always help.

The Wanderer

A Torch in His Heart: One man loves her. The other hates her. Who finds her first? (The Wanderer Book 1) Kindle Edition

A Torch in His Heart

Jason has spent 3 000 years looking for Helle. Now he has finally found her. Unfortunately, so has Sam…

Ask Helle Madsen what she thinks about reincarnation and she’ll laugh in your face. Besides, Helle has other stuff to handle, what with her new, exciting job in London and her drop-dead but seriously sinister boss, Sam Woolf.

And then one day Jason Morris walks into her life and despite never having clapped eyes on him before, she recognises him immediately. Very weird. Even more weird is the fact that Sam and Jason clearly hate each other’s guts. Helle’s life is about to become extremely complicated and far too exciting.

Smoke in her eyes: Two men. One woman. Not a Happily Ever After in sight (The Wanderer Book 2) Kindle Edition

Smoke in Her Eyes

Two men. One woman. A vicious cycle of love, hate, death, rebirth. Not a Happily Ever After in sight…

Six months ago, Helle Madsen would have described herself as normal. Now she no longer knows if that terms applies, not after her entire life has been turned upside down by the reappearance of not one, but two, men from her very, very distant past.

Helle Madsen never believed in mumbo-jumbo stuff like reincarnation—until she came face to face with Jason Morris, a man who purportedly had spent fifty lives looking for her. Coping with being reunited with the lover from her ancient past was one thing. Having Sam Woolf, her vindictive nemesis from that same ancient past join the party was a bit too much. Suddenly, Helle finds herself the reluctant heroine of a far-flung, time-transcending epic story, one in which pain and loss seem to play a very big part.

This time round, Jason and Helle are determined to make it to the happily ever after. Unfortunately, Sam Woolf will stop at nothing to crush them. That ride into the golden sunset seems awfully far away at times…

A Flame Through Eternity: It started 3 000 years ago. It ends now. Who survives? (The Wanderer) Kindle Edition

A Flame Through Eternity

It started 3 000 years ago. It ends now. Who survives the final confrontation?

Meeting up with your fated lover after 3 000 years apart is not bad—at all. Having your ancient nemesis show up at the reunion party is no fun—at all.

Helle may believe in second-chance love, but she sure doesn’t believe in reincarnation. Okay, she didn’t believe in stuff like that until she met Jason Morris a year or so ago. By now, she has accepted that sometimes impossible things are quite, quite possible—like an ancient princess being reborn as an ambitious financial analyst.

Finding Jason was like finding the part of her that had always been missing—a perfect match. But handling Sam Woolf, the reborn version of their ancient nemesis is something of a trial. No sooner do you have him well and surely beat, but up he bounces again. Sheesh, will it take an oak stake to permanently rid their lives of him?

Sam Woolf is a powerful adversary. Too powerful, even. Jason and Helle will need help from unexpected quarters to finally bring this tangled, ancient love-and-hate triangle to some sort of conclusion. Question is, will they survive the experience?

The Castilian Series

His Castilian Hawk (The Castilian Saga Book 1) Kindle Edition

His Castilian Hawk

For Eleanor, this forced wedding is anything but a fairy tale.

Robert FitzStephan has served Edward Longshanks loyally since the age of twelve. Now he is riding with his king to once and for all bring Wales under English control.

Eleanor d’Outremer—Noor to family—lost her Castilian mother as a child and is left entirely alone when her father and brother are killed. When ordered to wed the unknown Robert FitzStephan, she has no choice but to comply.

Two strangers in a marriage bed is not easy. Things are further complicated by Noor’s blood-ties to the Welsh princes and by covetous Edith who has warmed Robert’s bed for years.

Robert’s new wife may be young and innocent, but he is soon to discover that not only is she spirited and proud, she is also brave. Because when Wales lies gasping and Edward I exacts terrible justice on the last prince and his children, Noor is determined to save at least one member of the House of Aberffraw from the English king.

Will years of ingrained service have Robert standing with his king or will he follow his heart and protect his wife, his beautiful and fierce Castilian hawk?

The Locket Series

The Whirlpools of Time Kindle Edition

The Whirlpools of Time

He hoped for a wife. He found a companion through time and beyond.

It is 1715 and for Duncan Melville something fundamental is missing from his life. Despite a flourishing legal practice and several close friends, he is lonely, even more so after the recent death of his father. He needs a wife—a companion through life, someone to hold and be held by. What he wasn’t expecting was to be torn away from everything he knew and find said woman in 2016…Erin Barnes has a lot of stuff going on in her life. She doesn’t need the additional twist of a stranger in weird outdated clothes, but when he risks his life to save hers, she feels obligated to return the favour. Besides, whoever Duncan may be, she can’t exactly deny the immediate attraction.

The complications in Erin’s life explode. Events are set in motion and to Erin’s horror she and Duncan are thrown back to 1715. Not only does Erin have to cope with a different and intimidating world, soon enough she and Duncan are embroiled in a dangerous quest for Duncan’s uncle, a quest that may very well cost them their lives as they travel through a Scotland poised on the brink of rebellion.Will they find Duncan’s uncle in time? And is the door to the future permanently closed, or will Erin find a way back?


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