Coming soon … THE big Christmas reading list

The eagle-eyed amongst you will have noticed a distinct lack of Christmas books in all of the recent ‘forthcoming titles’ posts. This is not because I have an aversion to Christmas, but rather that I’ve deliberately held them back. I’m a bit old fashioned (or do I just mean old?) and like my run in to Christmas to be a bit shorter, ideally starting after October. You know, when the nights are longer, the weather is cooler and the TV advert breaks ramp up to 4 minutes rather than 3!!

Regular readers will be aware that way back in 2016 I made a rod for my own back began the tradition of compiling a Christmas reading list. As the years have passed the list has been getting longer and this year’s is no exception. It will feature my selection of Christmas titles that have been published this year. The time it takes to put together, added to my recent break has slowed the process somewhat, but I’m delighted to say it will be making an appearance within the first two weeks of November. So for all those wanting an extensive selection of festive reads, the wait is nearly over!

Previous lists can be found here

Happy Reading!


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