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The Final Shot by Simon Michael

They think it’s all over

London, 1966

As England eagerly anticipates the World Cup Final, barrister Charles Holborne is briefed in another high-profile case.

Once a sadistic gangster, Reverend Stanley Sharpe found God while incarcerated and has run his own parish for a number of years since being released. But when he is convicted of murdering Frank Marshall, right-hand man to the Kray twins, he is sent back to prison for life.

Convinced that he is innocent, Reverend Sharpe’s wife begs Charles to apply to the Court of Appeal to reopen the case.

With his own question marks over whether Frank Marshall is really dead, Charles agrees to take the brief on.

But with the media now casting doubt over Sharpe’s redemption, Charles knows he is bound for failure unless he can find further evidence.

And to do so he must once again cross the most dangerous men in London…

Legacy: One Family, a Cup of Tea and the Company that Took On the World by [Thomas Harding]

Legacy by Thomas Harding

A panoramic new history of modern Britain, as told through the story of one extraordinary family, and one groundbreaking company.

This is the story of how a family transformed themselves from penniless immigrants to build a company that revolutionised the way we eat, drink and are entertained. For over a century, Lyons was everywhere. Its restaurants and corner houses were on every high street, its coffee and tea in every cup, its products in every home. But it was a victory that was not easily won.

Told through the lives of five generations, Legacy is at once intimate and sweeping, charting the tragedy and unimaginable success of one of Britain’s most famous families. It is also an illuminating new exploration of Britain and its place in the world, from the bestselling author of Hanns and Rudolf and The House by the Lake.

Countess of Intrigue: A Novel of the Tudor Court (Ladies of the Golden Age) by [Anne R Bailey]

Countess of Intrigue by Anne R Bailey

A tale of surviving battles, plots and love in the Golden Age.

Frances Walsingham is the only child of Sir Francis Walsingham, Queen Elizabeth I’s infamous spymaster. Frances might be ignorant about court life, but she is resilient, and level-headed. These are all attributes she will rely on in the coming years as she faces new challenges and tragedies.

It all begins when her father asks her to marry for the good of the realm. Despite her misgivings, she finds duty can be a pleasure. Slowly, Frances finds herself drawn to her new handsome husband even though she knows his heart belongs to another.

Follow her journey as she carves out her own path and searches for happiness.

Previously published under the name “Intrigues of the Heart”.*Now with a new epilogue*

The Secret Gift of Lucia Lemon: the most feel good, enchanting and heartwarming novel of 2021 from the bestselling author of 59 Memory Lane: the most feel good heartwarming fiction novel of 2021 by [Celia Anderson]

The Secret Gift of Lucia Lemon

Years of mystery lie inside, just waiting to be unravelled…

After fifty-eight years of playing it safe, Lucia Lemon wants something more from life. If only she knew what…

Until she receives a package in the post from an old friend that will change her life forever. Inside, she finds a bundle of cash, a collection of old maps, and a beautiful compass that no longer points north.

Holding the compass in her hand, Lucia suddenly feels hopeful – for the first time ever, life feels full of possibility and the open road is calling. If only she’s brave enough to answer it…

A Thousand Paper Birds by [Tor Udall]

A Thousand Paper Birds by Tor Udall

Jonah roams Kew Gardens trying to reassemble the shattered pieces of his life after the death of his wife, Audrey. Weathering the seasons and learning to love again, he meets Chloe, an enigmatic origami artist who is hesitant to let down her own walls.

In the gardens he also meets ten-year-old Milly, and Harry, a gardener, both of whom have secrets of their own to keep – and mysteries to solve.

These choices are just the books that I’d be tempted by rather than just any books that are on offer.

The price quoted is that given at time of posting, please always check before buying as some prices can change quickly.


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