Taking a break

I’ll be away for a couple of weeks and I’m looking forward to some down time to recharge the batteries, both blogging and personal.

I’ve scheduled the majority of my posts so that most days you won’t miss me at all. However, there’ll be no Wednesday Windback or Five on Friday features. This will be a first as I normally strive to keep up all my features when I’m away. On this occasion though, time ran away from me and I just can’t manage it. For once, it feels OK to say that, as usually it makes me feel like I’m failing if I haven’t covered all bases.

Apologies in advance to all my blogging friends as I’m also planning to take a complete break from social media so I won’t be sharing either. Many thanks in advance for all the shares that I know you’ll kindly make for me.

So take care and in the meantime as Arnie would say – I’ll be back!! 😊


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