Wake Me Up For the Elephants by Marjory McGinn @fatgreekodyssey

Having enjoyed the previous travel memoirs by Marjory McGinn I’m delighted to see another selection of her travel tales has hit the shelves. Whilst her previous books dealt largely with her time spend in Greece, this takes us further afield encompassing Africa, Australia, Fiji, Scotland, Ireland. That said, there is still a nod to Greece. This book is in part a prequel to the Greek travel series, revealing the author’s unforgettable adventures just before embarking on her four-year Big Fat Greek Odyssey.

About the Book

The places she visits are exotic, romantic locations and the stories are based on real journeys, some of which were taken as journalistic assignments. They introduce the reader to wild locations, eccentric fellow travellers and hilarious, often scary, situations: dodging wild animals on safari and a male stalker in Mombasa; dance torment in tropical Fiji; a supernatural mystery in the Australian bush; a beach gallop in Ireland led by a lobster fisherman; a boating mash-up on the exquisite Greek island of Paxos.

But this collection is not all fun and frolics. Some of the stories, particularly from Scotland, are undercut by nostalgia as the author grapples with the notion of a homeland and where a restless traveller belongs when the wandering, and the laughter, stops.

What the Readers are saying

“Keenly observed, fun-filled tales, yet with a beautifully understated appreciation of life’s poignant moments, too.” Peter Kerr, best-selling author of Snowball Oranges

“Marjory tells a good story with a journalist’s eye for mood and detail.” Alex Martin, Anglo Hellenic review.

“I loved this memoir. I loved the hilarious African safari and the Scottish chapters.” Jane

“Once again I have been drawn into Marjory’s world and been held captive by her stories” Lindylou

“Marjory’s touch of poignancy and nostalgia make for a book that is both entertaining and informative” Amazon Customer

“The author’s Greek travel memoirs and novels have captivated me (and thousands of other readers, I would think) over the past decade. This latest book is superb and Marjory McGinn widens her horizon beyond Greece (although there’s one tale from Paxos island) to take readers on amazing journeys across the globe” Phil Hellene

This memoir had me enthralled from the beginning right through to the very last page, and I cannot recommend it highly enough.” Sandy

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Discover Marjory’s Greek Memoirs

About the Author

Marjory is a Scottish-born journalist whose move to Australia as a child inspired her interest in travel and writing. She has travelled widely, including an early work stint in Athens. She has worked as a feature writer for most of her career, initially on major Australian newspapers. After returning to Scotland in 2000, she freelanced for British publications, including The Times, Daily Mail, The Mail on Sunday, The Scotsman, The Herald. She has written on travel, lifestyle, and has interviewed celebrities, from top Aussie cricketers to the odd Hollywood legend. She is also the author of four Greek travel memoirs, beginning with Things Can Only Get Feta, and two novels set in Greece

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