Jill’s Friday Kindle Bargains

Big Red by Jerome Charyn

Narrated by a starry-eyed lesbian, Big Red reimagines the tragic career of Rita Hayworth and her indomitable husband, Orson Welles.

Set amidst the noir glamour of Hollywood’s Golden Age, Big Red re-envisions the life of one of America’s most enduring icons: Gilda herself, Rita Hayworth, whose fiery red hair and hypnotic dancing helped make her the quintessential movie star of the 1940s.

With narrator Rusty Redburn – a feisty second-string gossip columnist from Kalamazoo tasked with spying on Hayworth by Columbia movie mogul Harry ‘The Janitor’ Cohn – as our guide, we follow the meteoric rise and heartrending demise of the actress, encountering her exploitative father, Eduardo; her controlling husband, ‘boy genius’ Orson Welles; and notorious journalist Louella Parsons, among many others. Mixing his trademark screwball comedy and unerring tragedy, Jerome Charyn, with his ‘polymorphous imagination’ (Jonathan Lethem) reanimates film classics such as Cover Girl, Gilda, and The Lady from Shanghai.

An insightful, tender portrait of a seemingly halcyon age before blockbusters and film franchises, Big Red promises to consume both Hollywood cinephiles and neophytes alike.

My Other Husband by Dorothy Koomson

Cleo Forsum is a bestselling novelist turned scriptwriter whose TV series, ‘The Baking Detective’ is a huge success.
But now she has decided to walk away from it all and wants to divorce her husband, Wallace.
But what is she really running from?

As Cleo drafts the final ever episodes of the series, people she knows start getting hurt. It soon becomes clear that someone is trying to frame her for murder.

She thinks she knows why, but Cleo can’t tell the police or prove her innocence.
Because then she’d have to confess about her other husband . . .

The House of Second Chances by Lauren Westwood

If you save a crumbling mansion, will it mend a broken heart?

A month ago, Amy Wood had her perfect home, perfect boyfriend, and perfect job in London. Now she’s broken-hearted, living in her parents’ tiny bungalow, and working in an estate agents in Bath.

But Amy gets a new lease on life when she undertakes to sell Rosemont Hall, a crumbling Georgian mansion riddled with woodworm, dry rot – and secrets.

Amy searches for the perfect owner to restore the house to its former glory, but time is running out for Rosemont Hall. As Amy clashes with unscrupulous property developers and the enigmatic heir to the house, she begins to uncover pieces of the past that some people would rather remain hidden.

Can Amy unlock the secret of Rosemont Hall and find the keys to her own happy ending?

Previously published as Finding Home.

Nothing Else by Louise Beech

Heather Harris is a piano teacher and professional musician, whose quiet life revolves around music, whose memories centre on a single song that haunts her. A song she longs to perform again. A song she wrote as a child, to drown out the violence in their home. A song she played with her little sister, Harriet.

But Harriet is gone … she disappeared when their parents died, and Heather never saw her again.

When Heather is offered an opportunity to play piano on a cruise ship, she leaps at the chance. She’ll read her recently released childhood care records by day – searching for clues to her sister’s disappearance – and play piano by night … coming to terms with the truth about a past she’s done everything to forget.

Romantic Comedy Box Set (9 books)

Love romantic comedies? Come visit Baker Street for witty, charming, laugh-out-loud fun! These nine novels deliver hours of Angie Pepper’s delightful romance, packed with lively plot twists, feel-good humor, and characters you’ll love. This box set contains your favorite romance themes:

  • Enemies-to-lovers romance
  • Jilted bride romance
  • Alpha male romance
  • Mistaken identity romance
  • Opposites attract romance
  • Countless LOLs

1: Romancing the Flower Shop Girl

Tina lives in a tiny house and works in a tiny flower shop. Luca has taken over the motorcycle garage down the street. He’s big, gorgeous, and always buying flowers for women who hate him.

2: Romancing the Complicated Girl

Megan attends a weekly support group, but not because she has problems. Oh, no. She goes to tell other people how to fix their lives. A new, sophisticated guy starts coming to the group. Will he run for the hills once he gets to know the real Megan?

3: Honey, We Missed Our Honeymoon

Malorie is a jilted bride with a wedding dress in her closet. Enter the new man, a stranger with a Russian accent. There’s just one problem. Malorie’s former fiance. Plus all the dognappings.

4: Dating the Funny Waitress

Everyone adores Peridot and her sense of humor. Everyone but one person: Crossword Guy. One day, Crossword Guy looks up from his crossword and sees his funny waitress in a new light. Is it too late for these enemies to find love?

5: Boyfriend Wanted, Must Love Dancing

Skyler Tegan is a dance instructor with a chip on her shoulder. She hates all rich people. Charlie Ward is one of those rich people. These two are so busy playing games, they don’t notice they’re falling in love. Heat level: Sweet romance. For all ages, teen and up.

6: Handful of Peaches

A bookstore manager named Peaches falls into the arms of her favorite TV vampire, a charming actor with a secret research project. (Note: Books 6-9 feature the same main character in a multi-book storyline with a guaranteed HEA that will keep you guessing.)

7: Whole Lotta Peaches

Peaches Monroe’s love life gets complicated when she has to work with her old crush from high school.

8: Everything is Peaches

A curvy underwear model must choose between two nearly-perfect guys who both drive her crazy.

9: Peaches on Top

Peaches starts a whole new chapter in her very exciting life. Two very different families collide in this funny final novel featuring Miss Monroe and her hilarious friends.

The price quoted is that given at time of writing, please always check before buying as some prices can change quickly.

(NB This post features Affiliate links from which I earn a small commission on qualifying purchases)

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If you’ve thought about Kindle Unlimited but are not sure, you can click through the banner below for a 30 day trial offer (open to those who haven’t previously tried it. That said if it’s a while since you did, it’s worth a try – I’ve had a couple of trials)

Great benefits of Kindle Unlimited include:

– Unlimited Access to over 1 Million eBooks
– Rotating selection of popular magazines
– Thousands of books with audible narration
– Read anytime, on any device with the free Kindle app

After the 30-day free trial, the monthly subscription fee is £7.99 and members have the option to cancel their subscription anytime.


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