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In July 2017 I found a lump in my breast while showering. Not unduly perturbed I carried on with life and as it didn’t do the decent thing and disappear I got it checked out. By August I was officially declared the owner of an invasive ductal breast carcinoma. In September I had surgery to remove it and in October I embarked on a programme of what will comprise chemotherapy, radiotherapy and Herceptin.

It’s been shocking, bewildering and will no doubt get more challenging. These posts record the process and my responses to it. It’s not a medical guide or a self-help manual, just my observations, that to some might seem irreverent, to others funny, but I hope always honest.

The latest posts appear at the top.

Bowing to the inevitable and standing back, but not standing down.

What a difference a year makes

One year on, a personal update 

Radiotherapy and the end of the line.

Hello from the other side … of chemotherapy

Further down the (Hickman) line … an update

The wig has arrived

Hair Today … Gone Tomorrow

Chemo, cream crackers and consternation.

Just what the Doctor ordered … and some things I wish she hadn’t.

Post Op R & R – if only one of those stood for reading.

Tea, toast and compression stockings, or saying goodbye to Boris.

Eat your heart out Jane Russell … you can buy a comfortable bra (sort of).

The calm before the storm

Hope is the thing with feathers …