Review Policy


In the summer of 2017 I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer (you can read all about it under Boob Blog). During treatment my reading took a real hit. Rather than being able to take advantage of the enforced time away from work, my ability to concentrate just disappeared. Although I’ve started to read again, that also comes and goes, largely as a consequence of post treatment side effects and ongoing medication). The notion of ‘chemo brain’ I can attest is very real and it’s frustrating when I either can’t concentrate on reading or remember what I have read with enough clarity to write a review. As a consequence, I am sadly not taking any review requests. I already had a hefty pile of books to review before the diagnosis and I would like if possible to read them, or at least give them some sort of shout out while reading/reviewing is proving difficult.

2022 update. Although I am now reading much more my memory still leaves a lot to be desired so while you might see me add the occasional review it will be from a book in my own extensive collection. Consequently I am not accepting books for review.