Reviews – Authors H – J

Harmel, Kristin – The Life Intended

Harris, Anstey – The Truths and Triumphs of Grace Atherton

Harvey, John – Darkness, Darkness

Henry, James – Blackwater 

Hewitt, Sue – The Cunning Woman’s Cup 

Hill, Mark – The Two O’Clock Boy 

Hill, Susan – The Soul of Discretion

Hogan, Ruth – The Keeper of Lost Things 

Hope, Anna – Wake

Huber, Linda – The Cold Cold Sea

Hulse, Caroline – All the Fun of the Fair

Isaac, Jane – After He’s Gone

Isaac, Jane – Beneath the Ashes

Isaac, Jane – The Truth Will Out

James, Caroline – Jungle Rock

Jefferies, Dinah – The Separation

Jefferies, Dinah – The Silk Merchant’s Daughter

Jefferies, Dinah – The Tea Planter’s Wife

Johnson, Julia Claiborne – Be Frank With Me

Joinson, Suzanne – The Photographer’s Wife

Jordan, Eva – 183 Times a Year 

Joyce, Rachel – Maureen Fry and the Angel of the North

Joyce, Rachel – The Love Song of Miss Queenie Hennessy