Reviews – Authors A – B

Alexander, Rose – Under an Amber Sky 

Arlidge, M J – Little Boy Blue 

Arlidge, M J – The Doll’s House 

Ashley, Trisha – The House of Hopes and Dreams

Ashley, Trisha – The Little Teashop of Lost and Found 

Ashton, Juliet – The Sunday Lunch Club –

Bale, Tom – See How They Run 

Barlow, Christie – Kitty’s Countryside dream 

Barlow, Christie – Lizzie’s Christmas Escape

Barton, Fiona – The Child 

Barton, Sarah – Ladies’ Day

Bauer, Belinda – The Shut Eye 

Beech, Louise – The Mountain in my Shoe

Belfrage, Anna – A Rip in the Veil

Billingham, Mark – Die of Shame

Blake, Sam – Little Bones 

Bolton, Sharon – A Dark and Twisted Tide

Bolton, Sharon – Daisy in Chains

Bray, Carys – The Museum of You 

Broom, Isabelle – A Year and a Day

Broom, Isabelle – My Map of You

Broom, Isabelle – Then Now Always 

Bruce, Alison – The Promise

Butland, Stephanie – Letters to my Husband 

Butland, Stephanie – Lost for Words

Butland, Stephanie – The Curious Heart of Ailsa Rae